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Welcome to our initiative – ‘Connect the Blue Continent’
As the world moves into the digital era, nations and regions across the world are building the information super-highway infrastructure, skills and systems needed to support their societies’ economic and social well-being in this new age.
Nations are co-operating within and across continents to support this transformational change in economic and social development.
The Pacific Ocean is host to numerous island nations and communities which are in danger of being left behind in this global process.
Pacific Island governments and regional organisations have been examining this risk and some valiant efforts are being made to address the issue. However, a more comprehensive master-plan and collaborative approach is needed to ensure this vibrant, often-forgotten ‘Blue Continent’ is properly empowered for digital age sustainability.
We are a group of volunteers based in Australia working with a number of Pacific Island communities to co-ordinate a call to ‘Connect the Blue Continent’.

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