Workshop with UN Youth Rep Dan Ryan

The team spent Wednesday afternoon sharing expertise, goals and donuts with Dan Ryan, Australia’s UN Youth Representative for 2012/13.

The team with Dan

Workshopping with UN rep Dan Ryan

We discussed alignment of Dan’s initiative to increase Pacific representation of youth at the UN with our focus on affordable broadband access to remote communities.

It was inspiring to see Dan’s enthusiasm for giving young people in the Pacific a voice and to see how our broadband access initiative could assist.

Among other things, we discussed the MyWorld2015 survey that the UN are running to establish development priorities beyond the Millennium Development Goals. This will be the biggest survey ever of global needs and it’s vital that remote communities in the Pacific have an opportunity to participate.

We discussed how broadband access assists all of the 16 UN themes and we have drafted a paper on this alignment – see here.

We look forward to working with Dan into the future – good luck with the rest of your term in the UN hot seat Dan !

Some useful links:

The MyWorld2015 survey

Dan’s website

Take a look at Dan in action at the UN here


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